"kill them all” -Joe

Toadette photo
Some attributes
Age 9
Species Toad
Height 80kg
Weight 25miles
Other attributes
Body Shape Feet
Eye Color Dark White
Hair Color The color of air
First Appearance Mario kart double dash!

Toadette is Toad's twin sister and a Male Toad who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. She's usually depressed in the Koopa Kids and does not usually accompany Toad.


Personality Edit


Appearance Edit

As she's a male, she doesn't wear a diaper. Instead, she wears a pink dress with bloody diarhea on it. She also wears a red jacket and pee colored shoes. The top of her head is pink with white spots and she has pink pigtails with white spots too.

Devils and Toadette Edit


Toadette is gay


Toadsworth is Toadette's father, however, she strongly dislikes him but he still spoils her and treats her like she is five years old.


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Simp DaisyEdit

As Wendy and more other pepole, Toadette just sees Daisy as a recolor of Peach that is just her "buttmonkey".


Toadette is the only Toad that is not part of the "Mario-Gay-Club" as she knows the truth about him and how he treats pepole, Mario on the other hand just sees Toadette as another annoying, stupid Simp.


Toadette used to see Luigi as a real hero unlike his brother, and was one of his best friends. However, in The Mafia's Thunder later decided to betray her and her gang in favour of Mario, and some episodes later, he said to Toadette that her friendship was "stupid and childish" thing, so Toadette beated him up with a golf club. This shows that they aren't Luigi's friends anymore.

Kamek, Messenger and SamEdit

Kamek, Messenger and Sam are formerly with Luigi, Toadette's friends, as Toadette once asked Kamek to live in the Airship, as she would have problems living with Sam or Luigi. They are still friends, however, Messenger died in The Mafia's Thunder, and Luigi is no longer in the gang.

Trivia Edit

  • Toadette doesn't have a good relationship with anyone, except Sam, Kamek and Messenger (and they together are in a gang).
  • She is the only Toad that is a SIMP
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